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    Posted by Sarah Koves at 11/21/2013
    Mr. Woodman
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    Posted by Sarah Koves at 10/14/2013

    Greetings from the Guidance Counselor!

    Welcome to the Carson City Crystal Guidance Counseling office. My name is Grant Woodman and I am the guidance counselor for the High School. My job is to help students make sure they have the courses and credits to graduate, as well as a plan for life after school. I work closely with our college advisor, Demitria Gavit, our Principal, Mr. Lyons, the teachers, and the students to help each student build their plans for life. 

    As a graduate of Carson City Crystal High School, I can say that I know our students are prepared for whatever life throws at them. Whether it is college, trade school, the armed forces, or going into the work force, our students are given the opportunities to build skills that will guide them through to their chosen endeavor. Helping students understand what those skills are and how to utilize them are part of the mission of the guidance counseling office. 

    The guidance counseling office is not just about scheduling, credits, or standardized testing. While those are a large part of what we do, our job is to help students succeed in as many ways as we can. If helping you find the right class is what a student needs, then we can do it. If being a listening ear is what a student (or a parent) needs, then we can do it. If connecting a student to the college or job of their choice is what the student needs, we work hard to find the right path for the students so they can meet their needs. Overall, we help students navigate their way through that thing called high school, but if we are good, then we help them prepare for that other thing called life. 

    Welcome to Carson City Crystal. We are excited to have you in our community. 

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