Upper Elementary/Middle School

Customizing Education Cradle to Career

Ms. Jennifer Nichols Geiger

Phone: 989-584-3903


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor's in Business/Hotel Managment from MSU 1988Master's in Social Work from GVSU 1995

Ms. Jennifer Nichols Geiger

I have been the School Social Worker at Carson City-Crystal Schools since September 1995 and serving the Middle and High Schools.  Since the opening of our Alternative Education Academy in 2013, I am also servicing students in this program.   I started my career in the Hotel, Restaurant & Institutional Management field by getting my Bachelor's Degree in Business at Michigan State University.  I worked for Marriott Hotels & Resorts for three years before realizing that my heart was really wanting to help struggling teenagers.  I then earned my Master's Degree in Social Work from Grand Valley State University.
As the School Social Worker I primarily work with students that have suspected or identified disabilities in the social and emotional areas that are negatively impacting their success in the school setting.  I am responsible for evaluating students with suspected Attention Deficit Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder and Emotional Impairments.  I typically work with students both individually and in groups to address their social and emotional needs.  In addition, I have been working actively in our suicide and bullying prevention programs, in developing the district's crisis team plan and serve as the District's 504 plan coordinator.  Lastly, I have been working with  the Climate Team in the middle and High School to create a more positive atmosphere where students feel accepted and like they belong.
School Social Work Services in general are:
Services to Students:
- Provides crisis intervention
-Teaches strategies to enhance social or emotional functioning
- Develops intervention strategies to be utilized in the classroom to increase academic success
- Collaborates with community agencies on behalf of the students
- Develops and assists in implementing behavior intervention plans
Services to families:
- Assists parents/guardians in accessing programs available to students
- Assists parents/guardians in accessing community resources
- Collaborates with community agencies on behalf of student's family
- Provides Parent training
- Facilitates problem-solving meetings between families and the school staff
Services to school personnel:
- Consults with staff on understanding how affective issues impact students and collaborates in the development of classroom interventions
- Educates staff as to the behavioral manifestations of specific disabilities
- Participates in student support and other multi-disciplinary teams
- Developes individualized educational goals to support social-emotional functioning
- Facilitates and provides direct intervention in classroom
- Conducts functional behavior analysis and assists with Behavior plan writing
- Listens and supports staff in their concerns around service to students
Services to district:
- Uses research based approaches that prevent problem behavior and create a safe and supportive school environment
- Serves on grief, trauma and crisis teams
- Provides Professional Development to staff
- Serves as a resource to building staff regarding the identification and reporting of child abuse and neglect
- Participation in the coordination of prevention programs
I am here to LISTEN...
Not to work miracles.
I am here to HELP students
DISCOVER what they are FEELING
Not to make the feelings go away.
I am here to HELP STUDENTS
Not to decide for them what they want to do.
I am here to DISCUSS STEPS with students...
Not to take steps for them.
I am here to HELP students DISCOVER
 Their own STRENGTH
 Not to rescue them and leave them still vulnerable.
I am here to HELP students LEARN TO CHOOSE...
Not to make it unnecessary for them to
make difficult choices.
I cannot control other people, how they behave or how they react.
I cannot control situations and circumstances- most are beyond my control.
Bot one thing I can control is myself- my emotions, my actions, my reactions.
I do not make excuses, I am brutally honest with myself about my weaknesses, my trigger points.
And then I ruthlessly set about to change myself - not others.
When I react to other people or situations, those people and situations have power over my emotions, energy and time.
Rather than needing other prople to behave a certain way, I am going to take the lead and meet my need for calm, consistency and order.
Author unknown
This student committee was started to bring students together that want to make a difference in our school and community to help educate all and help those suffering from depression and/or feelings of hopelessness.  This group has sponsored fundraisers to raise money to buy materials like cards with emergency phone numbers for those experiencing suicidal thoughts and to sponsor speakers.  They have also sponsored Talent Shows to try and encourage students to show off their special talents, have presented to student body on signs of depression and suicidal thoughts and how to help others and themselves, have attended training conferences on how to help peers, and many other projects.  If you are interested in learning more or have ideas to help in the prevention and educating of suicide/depression please contact Ms. Geiger.
Our school has joined forces with all the schools in our Intermediate School District to fight against bullying, to encourage students to stand up and speak out against acts of meanness, and focusing on "Making It Cool To Be Kind!".  We have a group of students that have been chosen or volunteered to be part of our climate team to serve as role models and leaders in our school to work on this mission.  The Climate team has attended several workshops with Laurie Stewart to learn how to be role models, leaders and presenters in assemblies.  They along with our student body's input have identified three major areas we want to focus on: Accepting other's differences, increasing school spirit, and making our school a more positive place.  These students are really making a difference!  If any questions or suggestions please contact Ms. Geiger.